Car Washing Tips

BUGS AND BIRD DROPPINGS. The car owners two least favorite things.  If not taken care of right away they tend to bond right to the paint.  At Salt City Car Wash we are aware of the challenges in removing them and are taking steps in making sure our soaps and solvents are doing the job.

PRE-SOAKS:  These are the main cleaning agents for removing bugs, bird droppings and dirt.  If you have a lot of bugs or bird droppings, your best chance of removing them is with our $8.00 Deluxe or $9.00 Premium washes BECAUSE these washes offer both high and low PH solvents to break down these unsightly deposits.

HEAVY BUGS OR BIRD DROPPINGS: One suggestion is that if you have a heavy dose of bugs or bird droppings or if these items have been on your car for a few days, we recommend using our self-serve bay first to spray PRE-SOAK over the affected areas (do not rinse off) and then proceed to the automatic wash.  The longer the pre-soak can sit on the area, the better cleaning job it will do.  If you wash in the self serve bay then it is always a good idea to use the pre-soak first and then follow up with the foaming brush.

In the winter, salt is always a bad thing on a car.  It is corrosive and over time causes rust.  The best advice is to wash your car often in the winter months.  Even our $5.00 Express wash does a great job of removing road salt.  Of course, if you use our $9.00 Premium wash, your car will receive a treatment of Turtle Wax ICE Total Surface Protectant which will help in shedding water and salt and help keep your car cleaner longer.