About Us

Salt City Car Wash was formed in 2012 by two long time friends David Kamaloski and John Hendricks when they purchased the building and property previously known as Manistee Auto Spa.  They realized (along with many loyal customers) how disappointing it was when the car wash closed in the summer of 2011 and felt the need to re-open what they called "the BEST CAR WASH in town."  Now up and running, Dave and John welcome you to experience what they still feel is the Best Car Wash in town.  Here is why:

Two automatic wash bays, each with a high-pressure wash system and now featuring Turtle Wax Professional car wash products including Turtle Wax ICE total surface protection.  Our equipment is unique in that it has a wand that rotates to the front and back of your car to clean hard to reach places that most touchless car washes miss.  The four wash packages on the automatic washes are Premium Protection-$9, Supreme Shine-$8, Deluxe Clean-$7, and Express Wash $5.  Payment methods are cash, credit / debit cards, and Salt City WashCards.  Automatic wash features are:

* HEATED high pH Presoak (all washes)

* High Pressure Rocker Panel Blast (all washes)

* High Pressure detergent and rinse (all washes)

* Spot Free rinse (all washes)

* Undercarriage rinse ($7, $8, and $9 washes)

* Low pH Presoak (on $8 and $9 washes)

* Triple Foam Polish ($8 and $9 washes)

* Clear Coat Protectant ($8 and $9 washes)

* Turtle Wax ICE total surface protection ($9 wash only)

* 3 High Power Blow Dryers (NO dryer on $5 wash)


In addition to the automatic bays, Salt City Car Wash also has one LARGE self serve bay with plenty of room to move about or to wash larger vehicles like RV's and boats.  The wash starts at $1 for two minutes and each quarter adds one minute if added before the time runs out.  Payment methods are cash (quarters), credit / debit cards or Salt City WashCards.  This wash bay also features Turtle Wax products and include:

High pH presoak, Tire Cleaner, Engine Degreaser, High Pressure Wash, High Pressure Rinse, High Pressure Wax and a Super Foam Brush with super soft boars hair bristles.

After your wash, Salt City also offers 2 Turbo Vacuums, change machines (quarters), and  vending machines dispensing drying towels, bug and tar remover, Turtle Wax ICE interior wipes and glass cleaners.  Other vending products available soon. 

Last but not least is the Salt City Wash Card.  This is a great way to earn more wash value for your vehicles.  Special offers and promo codes allow you to instantly add value to your card such as $30 wash value for only $25 (20% bonus) or $62.50 wash value for only $50 (25% bonus). WashCards make great gifts. Purchase your card on this site www.saltcitycarwash.com and it will be mailed to you. Contact us if you have any questions. 

Thank You for washing with Salt City Car Wash!